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This is my son Charlie and his buddy Jarvis. Charlie loves iron man so much and he sometimes wears his costume and will play with Jarvis. Being a parent is amazing and raising these two brings me much Joy.


I made a promise to you that i’ll take very good care of Trixy and i will keep to that promise. She just got delivered today and we are all pretty excited. Thanks for the supplies you sent. Means a lot.

Sarah & Moris

Poppy has grown up so fast and we have both shared some amazing memories together already. Everyone in my family is just in love with him and i have no problem with him going over for a weekend sometimes. He always misses me and i miss him a lot too. Something he does which amazes me every time is, whenever i return home from work he’ll jump on me lie down and roll over. Always just so excited. i always tell him one of these days you’ll knock me over lol. He’ll just stare at me like he understand. Having Poppy around has helped a great deal. You are the best!

Jimmy Krane

Just a few weeks has gone by but this cutey and i are already inseparable. Just wanted to share this photo with you.

Bella Sanchez

Isn’t this just the cutest photo ever!!! my little boy won’t stop talking about his new pal. He decided to name him Bolt. i think it is because of his obsession with the cartoon. I just love seeing him happy as it fills my heart with joy. I will like to say thank you for all the help you have given to me so far.

Denisse Hopkins

This is Frankie and i playing cards. He has always been our playmate and will be part of every board game, monopoly, chess and so on. It is almost as if the very next minute he’ll say something! hahahaaha. My boyfriend and i see him as our first son. It is really nice how we all get along just fine.

Angela and Ron

My little king will follow me everywhere i go. Loves to snuggle and is never shy to pose for the camera. Thank you so dearly for all the help through this!