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A little About Us

Breeding these boxer puppies helps my family and i become much closer. Also, we all know a dog is man’s best friend. It is from this we derived the name of our website. Just from home we raise and breed all of our boxer pups. Sometimes people ask me whether i prefer white boxer puppies, black boxer puppies or fawn boxer puppies. Really, what i think matters most is how well you bond with your dog.

The color does not really matter to me. But if i am to choose, i will definitely have to go with the white boxer puppies. All of our pups receive just the best health care, love and really do get so much attention. Actually, we see all our boxer dogs as part of our family hence treat them as such. Click here to check out some of our available boxer puppies for sale. With our discounts you can get a box pup at a fair price. See available boxer puppies for sale.

In our home, we use our dogs to teach our kids about responsibility. As our pups grow, each of them are assigned under the care of our kids. This helps them become much more closer since they all have a common interest and love for the pups. It is always amazing watching them play with the boxer pups.

 We recently started a blog page on our website. You can find some very interesting and useful info there. Over the years i have received a lot of questions about where to get cheap boxer dogs for sale. I made a really great post on cheap boxer pups you might like to check out. To return to home page click here.

 Why You Should Buy A Boxer Puppy

  • Boxer dogs are fun to be with, very active and are known to be loyal family pets.
  • They do well with children
  • Will always want to play, you could hide treats around the house and he will do just everything to find them.
  • You can teach them a few tricks which they will gladly show off at the slightest chance they get.
  • They love to snuggle
  • A boxer dog can be very patient. 
  • Boxers learn very fast since they are so intelligent.
  • This breed was bred to be working dogs and guard dogs. So will do anything to protect you.
  • They are so energetic

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Do You ship

Yes we do ship our puppies to several states across the USA.

Do you offer health guarantee

We do offer a one year health guarantee on all our boxer pups.


For those who are close by and will like to come for pickup. We also accept pickup. However a reservation deposit must be made prior to the date of pickup. All pickups are done on weekends.

What payment methods do you accept

We accept paymennt through Cash, Zelle and Cashapp.